Verdicts & Results

  • $2,000,000 combined settlement in motor vehicle wrongful death action

    A 2 car accident resulted in the death of married father of 2. The wrongdoer was uninsured. A $1,000,000, policy-limits settlement was achieved against the decedent’s Uninsured Motorist coverage. A claim was then made against the automobile manufacturer of the car that the client was operating, as it was alleged that the defective design of the car was a cause of the death.

    Scott Bonebrake settled the case against the Uninsured Motorist carrier in 2015, and assisted with the settlement against the car manufacturer in 2016, after the case proceeded to mediation.

  • $1.2 Million Settlement in Falling Sign Case

    Our client was struck by a falling sign and then developed RSD and other injuries. The case settled at mediation for $1.2 million. Scott Bonebrake served as co-counsel. There was no offer prior to mediation.

  • $850,000 Settlement in Fall Down Case

    In 2024, Scott Bonebrake settled a Philadelphia County case following mediation for $850k. The case involved a fall accident where the client injured his hips and back. Causation of the injuries was hotly contested by the defense medical experts, who claimed that the client sustained only bruises in the fall.

  • $640,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident

    This case involved an individual who sustained serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident. We were able to achieve a total settlement in the amount of $640,000.00 on behalf of the injured party, utilizing both the liability insurance of the culpable party and the underinsured motorist coverage of our client’s own insurance company. George Noel settled this matter.

  • $500,000 Jury Verdict Awarded to Homeowner After Fire Caused by Floor Sanding Activities

    In this case, we represented the homeowners, whose new home was severely damaged as the result of a fire. We alleged that the fire started due to the energized extension cord of a floor sander being left on top of a pile of sawdust following floor sanding activities. Our attorneys proved that this act led to the spontaneous combustion of the sawdust, which caused the fire.

    Experts were retained on both sides. After a 4 day trial in Montgomery County, a gross verdict in excess of $500,000.00 was returned in favor of the plaintiffs, which represented the full amount of the homeowners’ damages. This case was tried, jointly, by George Noel and Scott Bonebrake.

  • $495,000 Settlement- Deck Collapse

    In 2023, Scott Bonebrake settled a case, during mediation, for $495k. Our client sustained fractures in her foot, a facial laceration and neck and back injuries when the deck she was standing on collapsed. The defendant property owner disputed liability and the extent of injuries. An expert engineer was retained to inspect the deck and issue a report as to the landlord’s negligence, and medical experts were retained to speak to the medical damages.

  • $400,000 Settlement for Work Fall

    This matter involved an individual who was injured while unloading products from his work truck at a client’s job site. Our attorneys argued that the unlevelness of the defendant’s loading facility caused plaintiff to fall while unloading products from his truck. The plaintiff injured his shoulder in the fall.

    This case was settled by Scott Bonebrake shortly before trial for the sum of $400,000.00.

  • $377,714 combined jury verdict and settlement in “stop sign down” case against PENNDOT

    A 2011, 4 day jury trial resulted in a combined verdict in favor of the plaintiffs of $287,714. Combined with an out of court settlement of $90,000, the plaintiffs received a total of $377,714. The husband and wife plaintiffs were injured when the motorcycle they were riding was struck by a car. A stop sign that had been controlling the plaintiffs’ direction of travel had been knocked down by a car, possibly the previous night. Plaintiffs had not been on that road before, and did not know that a stop sign had been at the intersection. The motorcycle proceeded through the intersection, and was struck by a car, which did not have a stop sign.

    PENNDOT claimed, among other defenses, that it did not have sufficient notice that the stop sign had been down to replace it. Plaintiffs suffered serious injuries, and filed suit against PENNDOT and the municipality.

    Scott Bonebrake tried the case to verdict. It was the 3rd highest personal injury verdict in Delaware County in 2011.

  • $346,000 Settlement – Pedestrian Struck by Motor Vehicle in NJ

    In early 2019, Scott Bonebrake settled a case which involved a pedestrian who was struck by a motor vehicle in NJ, fracturing her hip. The case settled 10 months after the accident occurred, prior to the filing of suit, for a total of $346,000.

  • $338,000 Settlement – Slip and Fall Case

    Our client was injured when she slipped and fell on a painted parking stripe in the parking lot of a home improvement store in Philadelphia during a rainstorm. The stripe was exceedingly slippery. The client fell directly onto her knee, and knee injuries were sustained. Settlement was achieved by Scott Bonebrake in 2016, after suit had been filed.

  • $300,000 Settlement in Car Accident Case

    In 2024, Scott Bonebrake settled a Delaware County case where a husband and wife were injured in a car accident for $300k. The defense claimed that the “limited tort option” served to preclude recovery, but eventually agreed to settle. The husband client sustained fractures and was hospitalized, but made an excellent recovery; the wife client sustained an aggravation of pre-existing dementia.

  • $300,000 Settlement – Medical Malpractice Case

    Scott Bonebrake settled a medical malpractice case regarding an eye injury suffered by an elderly women. The woman developed an infection after receiving injections for macular degeneration.

  • $300,000 Combined Settlement – Motor Vehicle Accident

    While seated in a disabled car on the shoulder of the road, our client was injured when her car was struck by a drunk driver. The tire of our client’s car rolled over her foot, fracturing her ankle. Surgery was required. Scott Bonebrake settled the case in 2017 for the insurance company’s policy limits. The filing of suit was not necessary.

  • $287,500 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident

    In 2019 our client was a passenger in a work van that was struck by another vehicle in Delaware County. Our client sustained shoulder and neck injuries that required treatment, but no surgery. In 2021, Scott settled the case in mediation for $287,500, shortly after the suit was filed.

  • $250,000 Dental Malpractice Case Settlement

    In 2022 Scott Bonebrake settled a dental malpractice case for $250k following mediation. Liability was hotly contested by the defendant throughout, as the defendant dentist denied that the care which he provided fell below the standard of care. The injuries suffered included bone loss after an infection developed following the removal, and replacement, of dental implants by the dentist.

  • $250,000 Settlement – Motor Vehicle Accident

    In 2021, Scott Bonebrake settled a case for $250,000, without suit having to be filed, for a client injured in a motor vehicle accident. The client sustained a head injury and a knee injury requiring arthroscopic surgery.

  • $250,000 Car Accident Settlement involving Obstructed View Created by Dumpster

    In 2021, Scott Bonebrake settled a case at mediation for $250k. The case involved a paraplegic who sustained 3 additional fractures to his neck in a motor vehicle accident. No surgery was required. The case had a twist, as a large construction dumpster, which had been placed in the roadway, served to partially obstruct the view of both drivers. Six defendants, including the municipality which issued the permit for the dumpster, and the 3 entities who had a part in placing the dumpster in the road, contributed to the settlement.





  • $235,000 Settlement Awarded to Property Owner After Suspicious Fire

    In AP, we represented a property owner whose house suffered severe damage in a fire. The cause of the fire was suspicious. Suit was filed against all of the tenants. Following the taking of several depositions, including that of the Philadelphia Fire Marshal, evidence had been demonstrated that the fire resulted from the actions of one of the tenants. Settlement occurred shortly before trial for a total in excess of $235,000.00. Scott Bonebrake handled the case.

  • $217,500 Jury Verdict for Slip and Fall at a Bar

    This lawsuit involved an individual who fractured his ankle when he slipped and fell on a wet tile floor entering a local bar. Liability was hotly contested.

    After a 3-day jury trial in Delaware County, a net verdict was returned in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $217,500.00. This matter was tried by George Noel.

  • $215,000 Arbitration Award for Client Struck by a SEPTA Bus

    This case proceeded to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which is commonly used by attorneys as an alternative to trial. ADR is often utilized because it is much more cost effective, and quicker, than proceeding to trial by jury. Our client suffered injuries to her wrist and head when she was struck by a SEPTA bus. Our attorneys were able to obtain a $215,000.00 recovery in favor of the client. This case was tried by George Noel.

  • $187,000 Settlement – Nursing Home Slip & Fall

    Scott Bonebrake settled a case following mediation against an independent living facility for $187,500, on behalf of an elderly woman who slipped and fell on her way to her bathroom, fracturing her hip.

  • $180,000 -Pedestrian Injured in Vehicle Accident in 2022

    Scott Bonebrake achieved a $180k award following a binding arbitration in Media for a client who sustained knee injuries when struck as a pedestrian. Scott was able to “fast-track” the case, and obtain the Award in less than one year from the time of the accident.

  • $175,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident

    In 2019 our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident with an underinsured motor vehicle, sustaining head and neck injuries. The case settled with the insurance carrier for the at-fault vehicle for policy limits. In 2022, after suit was filed against the client’s own insurance carrier for Underinsured Motorist Benefits, and shortly after the client was deposed, Scott settled with the client’s own insurance carrier. The combined settlement amount was $175,000.

  • $175,000 Settlement – Trip and Fall at Supermarket

    Scott Bonebrake settled this case for $175,000 after the client tripped and fell at the supermarket, fracturing both shoulders. Scott was able to attain this settlement despite the liability being hotly contested.

  • $175,000 Settlement for Snow Tubing Injury

    In KK v. Bear Creek Mountain Ski Resort, our client suffered a fractured femur which required surgery while snow tubing on the defendant’s mountain. The injury occurred when a subsequent tuber was allowed down the mountain before KK was clear of his path. This case resulted in settlement at mediation in the amount of $175,000.00, and was handled by Scott Bonebrake.

  • $157,500 settlement, child struck by falling wooden frame

    A young child was playing in the side yard of the home that her parents were renting. A large wooden frame, which had been resting against a tree in the yard, and had been placed there prior to the tenancy by the landlords, fell onto the girl’s leg, causing a fracture. Settlement was achieved by Scott Bonebrake shortly after suit was filed.

  • $150,000 Settlement – Loss of Spleen in Motor Vehicle Accident

    We were able to recover the gross amount of $150k for a client who lost his spleen in a motor vehicle accident. The recovery represented the total amount of insurance coverage for the wrongdoer ($100k) and the client’s own underinsured motorist’s coverage (UIM) ($50k). Scott Bonebrake handled the case.

  • $126,000 Verdict in Dog Attack Case

    Our client suffered serious injuries to various parts of body. This was case tried in binding arbitration by Scott Bonebrake. The award entered in favor of plaintiff in the amount of $126k.

  • $125,000 Combined Settlement – Motor Vehicle Accident

    The client suffered cognitive injuries in a car accident, and made a good recovery. In  2023, Scott settled a case with the at-fault individual’s insurance company for its $50k limits, and was then able to secure another $75k in underinsured motorist benefits from the car the client was occupying at the time of the accident.

  • $112,500 Settlement – Motor Vehicle Accident

    Our client fractured his arm in a 2-car accident. Settlement was achieved with the wrongdoer’s insurance company for its $50,000 policy limits. An additional settlement was made with the client’s own insurance carrier for $62,500 in 2016 (Underinsured motorist coverage). Scott Bonebrake handled the case.

  • $100,00 Settlement – Slip and Fall at Supermarket

    This matter involved a slip and fall accident which occurred in a supermarket, due to an excessively slippery floor, after construction activities. Although there was no substance found on the floor, and the supermarket vehemently denied liability, Scott Bonebrake was able to achieve a $100k settlement in 2018 following mediation, for injuries involving the knee and shoulder.

  • $99,518 Jury Verdict – Damage to House Due to Construction

    Scott Bonebrake represented a client for damage sustained to her rowhouse in Philadelphia due to neighboring construction activities. The client initially received $12,000 at arbitration. The defendant appealed the arbitration award. In 2003, after a lengthy jury trial, the client was awarded $99,518.41 in damages. The defendant appealed.

  • $80,000 Settlement on behalf of autistic child that was left on a school bus

    An autistic, school-age child fell asleep on a school bus. The bus driver failed to realize that the child had not exited the bus, and parked the bus in the school yard. The child later awoke, in a panic, not knowing what had happened, and suffered psychological trauma. Suit was filed against the school. Settlement was achieved prior to depositions being taken. Scott Bonebrake was co-counsel on the case.

  • $73,000 Jury Verdict for Client Injured at Pathmark

    This matter involved an individual who suffered injuries to his arm/hand when his hand was pulled into the conveyor belt at the checkout line at Pathmark, and proceeded to trial in Philadelphia County before a jury. The result was a verdict in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $73,354.00. The case was tried by Scott Bonebrake.