Update to Pennsylvania’s Minimum Wage Act


Effective August 5, 2022 changes were made to Pennsylvania’s Minimum Wage Act.

Here are the highlights from the 5 primary areas updated:

• Adjusting the amount of tips an employee must receive monthly, from $30 to $135, before an employer can reduce the employee’s hourly pay from $7.25 to $2.83.

  • Allowing for tip pooling among employees, although, for the most part, excluding managers, supervisors, and business owners.

 • Allowing employees to take a tip credit under certain conditions, including where the employee spends at least 80% of his or her time on tip-earning related tasks.

   • Prohibiting employers from deducting credit card processing fees and like costs from a worker’s non-cash tip amount.

  • Requiring employers to clearly communicate to tippers that service charges are not considered gratuities for employees who receive tips.

The updates were made with the stated purpose to protect employees, and are part of Governor Wolf’s broader purported “worker protection agenda.” Do you agree with these changes?

For more information and all of the specifics on the updates you can visit Pennsylvania’s Official Government Website.

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