Product Liability

Product manufacturers and the sellers of those products are responsible for defective design of a product, defects in the manufacturing process, and defects resulting from failure to warn of a product’s dangerous propensities. Manufacturing defects occur when end products are different from their intended design, and this defect causes injury or death.

A design defect occurs when the design of the product itself presents a safety hazard, such as a lack of safety guards on certain power tools. A failure to warn occurs when the manufacturer’s warning or instructions, which would have served to warn the user of possible dangers, risks, or side effects associated with that product are not present.

At the Media law firm of Noel & Bonebrake, our attorneys have handled numerous cases involving defective or negligently designed or marketed motor vehicles, household products, machinery, equipment, and food. Our attorneys demand that manufacturers make safer products by sending the message that safety should never be an option.

Individuals injured or killed as a result of defective products are entitled to recover both economic and non-economic damages, including damages for pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement, along with lost wages, loss of earnings capacity, medical expenses, and sometimes, punitive damages.

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