Pennsylvania’s Move Over Law


Effective on April 27, 2021, Pennsylvania’s Move Over Law went into effect. The law was passed to protect first responders, law enforcement, and tow truck drivers. According to PennDOT, 1,412 work zone crashes in 2020 resulted in 15 fatalities.

The new law requires drivers who are approaching an accident to move into a further lane, away from the accident. If the driver is unable to move over, that driver must safely pass the accident, at a rate of speed that is at least 20 miles per hour below the posted speed limit.

The Law, which is known as Act 105, was passed on October 29, 2020. Here are some highlights of the law:

  • Two points will be assessed to any driver who failed to merge into a lane that was not directly adjacent to the emergency.
  • Fines: First-time offense- $500, second time offense- $1000.
  • A third or subsequent offense will result in a $2000 fine and a 90-day license suspension.

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