Can Your Employer Force You to Get a Covid Vaccination?


A Covid vaccine for emergency use could be just days away from distribution in the United States. However, despite the tremendous effort in getting to this point, we are not “over the finish line” just yet. Getting the majority of the public to accept and agree to be vaccinated may be a hurdle.

The issue of certain individuals not agreeing to become vaccinated begs the question: Could your employer terminate you for failing to take the vaccine, once it becomes available? Answers to certain questions on this topic are provided in this article about employer-mandated vaccinations.

It will be interesting to see how the law develops in this area. Some immediate takeaways from this article are as follows:

  • Certain large corporations are considering making the Covid vaccine a mandatory condition of employment.
  • Private sector companies have strong rights and may argue that the vaccination is necessary as a “health and safety” requirement which employees must follow or risk termination.
  • Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, workers that refuse to be vaccinated for medical reasons may request an exemption. If an exemption is granted, the employer would need to provide reasonable accommodations for the vaccine refuser, such as allowing the employee to work remotely.

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