Unemployment And The Coronavirus – Am I Eligible For Unemployment Compensation?


This time is truly unprecedented. Alongside the fear and uncertainty around your health, just as worrisome is the fact that you’re not able to work because of mandates to try and slow the spread of Coronavirus. Employers and employees alike are trying to figure out exactly what to do. If you are uncertain about whether or not you can collect unemployment during this time, please check the eligible statuses below.

Many Medium and Small Businesses Have Been Left No Choice But To Close

Do You Fall Into One Of These Categories?

  • Your employer temporarily closes, or they go out of business,              
  • You are furloughed (a temporary leave of employees due to the outstanding needs of the employer),            
  • You are laid off,                
  • You are forced to work at home (if it results in a reduction of hours).

Get more information on qualifying at Pennsylvania’s Office of Unemployment Compensation.

What If I’m Self-Isolated?

If you are sickened by the Coronavirus and asked to self-isolate, you may be eligible for unemployment compensation benefits, but you must first exhaust all sick leave/paid time off benefits.

Relaxed Requirements

Pennsylvania’s Unemployment Compensation Bureau has made some updates to the requirements for collecting unemployment compensation. Qualified persons may start collecting unemployment compensation as soon as they become unemployed. There is no longer a week-long waiting period. And second, the requirement to be actively looking for work is suspended. If you think you may have an unemployment claim, you can get started by filing at Pennsylvania’s Office of Unemployment Compensation.

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